9 Ball Pro

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9 Ball Pro is a pool game that is played with nine billiard balls. The objective of the game is to sink the 9 ball in the pocket with the lowest number of shots. The game is usually played on a pool table with six pockets and can be played by multiple players or as a single-player game against an AI opponent. 9 Ball Pro emphasizes skill and strategy, as players must choose their shots carefully and plan ahead in order to clear the table and win the game. It is a popular online game and can be played on various platforms, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and gaming consoles.

The aim of the game is to pocket the nine different balls on the table. For each shot, the white cue ball needs to hit the lowest numbered ball, but it is not necessary to pocket the balls in order - only that the nine-ball must be pocketed last.

Click drag and release to launch the ball.
On mobile drag your finger to rotate the stick, then click drag and release to launch the ball.


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