Blocku Golf

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Blocku Golf is a casual online game that combines elements of golf and block puzzle gameplay. In this game, players must navigate a course made up of blocks, using precise shots to reach the hole. The goal is to clear all the blocks in as few shots as possible. Each level presents a different set of challenges, with obstacles, slopes, and other hazards that must be overcome. Players must use strategy and skill to determine the best shot and angle to get the ball to the hole. With addictive gameplay and a range of different levels to play, Blocku Golf is an entertaining and challenging game that's perfect for all ages.

To control you need to click on the screen with your finger or mouse. Then drag the cursor towards you (in the opposite direction from the throw) and release the mouse button or remove your finger from the screen. The strength of the throw will depend on how long the cursor will be. All you have to do is hit the ball into the hole, that's all!


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